What To Expect

Initial Consultation

  • Discuss client’s concerns & objectives for therapy
  • Consultation regarding concerns & objective
  • Discuss medical history & contradictions
  • Check physical status
  • Signup Consent / Waiver form

Preparation for the Therapy

  • Access to the changing room and put your belongings in to Locker
  • Dress up for the therapy
  • Men remove all clothing expect underwear
  • Women may wear a non-underwire bra, underwear or may remove all clothing (Less clothing will maximize exposure)
  • Client must remove all jewelry or other metal on their body
  • Client must be 100% dry
  • Put on Robe & Fur shoe & Get ready to be FREEZED

In The Therapy Room

  • Client enters the cryotherapy machine while robed
  • Cryo technician elevates the floor until client’s head and neck are exposed, allowing for visual and verbal contact with the client at all times
  • Client removes robe to maximize skin exposure and benefit
  • Cryo technician will inform about Do’s – Don’ts & Emergency
  • Cryo technician will start the chamber with designed Protocols
  • The cooled air began, you will instantly feel the effects of the cryopod healing your body, relieving your pain and rejuvenating your skin.
  • When the session ends, client re-robes and exists the cryopod.

Post Therapy

  • We recommend about 10 minutes cardio exercise to accelerate re-heating process of your body and maximize the result.
  • Cryotherapy reduces inflammation + activates detoxification. Some clients may experience mild flu-like symptoms 1 – 2 days after treatment. This is a good sign–your body is shedding toxins and inflammation.
  • Drink more water than usual to aid the detoxification process
  • Enjoy a deep sleep that night, reduced pain, Feel energized, Passionate and good mood!


  • At Yugeva Cryo, we recognize it is your body and you have a better understanding than anyone on how you feel. We encourage you to share throughout the process what you are feeling and remember that if at ANY time you feel uncomfortable during your session, you have complete control to stop at any time.