I am suffering from Psoriasis from past 8 years. After taking 10 sessions of cryotherapy I am very happy with the result. Reduction in pain and inflammation. Definitely good for skin and Psoriasis.

With Yugeva Cryo I had very good experience. Took 5 facial cryotherapy sessions. A lot of improvement in my skin face. It has toned and tightened my skin. Even my pores size has reduced. Will surely recommend to others.

This treatment is very effective for weight loss. I lost 2 kg after 3 sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Apart from weight loss there are many other benefits. I feel more energetic and more fit.

I am suffering from chornic leg pain since 2 years. After the very second session I feel the difference. There is lot of improvement in my left leg after 5 sessions. Worth it.

Facial cryotherapy has enhanced my beauty. Firstly I didn't believe it will be helpful to my skin but after taking few sessions I must say it's worth it. Highly recommended to the people who are concerned about their skin.

My skin has improved a lot in 10 sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Facial Cryotherapy. There is a glow on my skin. I feel younger. Also my health has improved. I feel healthier than before.

I am taking targeted cryotherapy for Arthritis pain. Before taking this therapy I had intolerable chronic pain in my joints and fingers. It was very difficult for me to move my hand and to work as a housewife. After 10 sessions of whole boy cryotherapy and targeted cryotherapy, I got miracle result in my arthritis pain, even I wad able to work without pain. I am very happy with the results which I got from cryotherapy. Thanks to Yugeva Cryo

I had hip joint operation. Due to which i was not even able to walk properly. I was suffering from severe pain and stiffness. Before Navratri I started taking cryotherapy which gave me immense benefits that to after the very first session. And after taking 8 to 10 sessions I got relieved from pain and played Navratri very well.

Being an athlete I get injuries quite often. When I visited Yugevacryo I was suffering from acute back pain since 5 years. With the treatment it has minimized to hardly 5-10%. Overall stamina has increased. Also my migraine has marginally reduced. Kudos to the team for bringing quality treatment to India. Will surely recommend to others.

My experience with Yugevacryo is very nice. Facial Cryotherapy has enhanced my beauty. My skin has become more brighter, tighter and glowing.

I have Psoriasis from last 30 years and after taking 5 sessions of Whole body cryotherapy there is 35% recovery. I believe this therapy will help to cure my Psoriasis. Also this has helped me to come out of depression.

When you get out of it you feel really good, like you’ve got a ton of energy & liveliness … the benefits of that are huge.

Facing Psoriasis from last 4 years, after coupling 5-6 sessions of WBC I feel 60% of recovery.

Yugeva Cryo Centre has proved to provide the best quality service.

First time trying Cryotherapy, I was nervous, but the process was explained well and the staff was knowledgeable and polite.

By using Facial Cryo my facial skin become brighter and glowing. Highly recommend for Beauty.