It has been significantly proved, that body which is exposed to an extremely low temperatures, perform faster recovery after an exhausting workout. Cold helps to recuperate and relieve muscle pain. Whether you are an athlete, Fitness Lover, bodybuilder, weekend warrior or regular exerciser, Cryo sessions help speed up muscle repair allowing you to achieve your peak performance and goals.

Many professional athletes worldwide swear by Cryotherapy as the ultimate way to speed up muscle recovery allowing them a more sustained performance at an elite level. They know that a faster recovery allows you to have the consistent and frequent training schedule that is key to skill development and utmost performance, and that Whole Body Cryotherapy can significantly accelerate recovery. Athletes with poor recovery and frequent injuries are unable to practice with the proper frequency and therefore are prevented from reaching their optimum performance level.

Whole Body Cryotherapy exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period to increase the rate at which filtered, oxygen-rich blood flows through the muscles. It provides a safe and natural way of decreasing inflammation while accelerating the healing of damaged soft tissue and sore joints and reduces recovery time after vigorous workout by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Reported benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy for Sports & Fitness Includes:

  • Improved High & Effective Performance
  • High on-field Performance
  • Increase Stamina, Energy & Tolerance level
  • Increase Range of Motion, Flexibility & Strength of Muscles
  • Increase Passion, Focus & Concentration
  • Faster Recovery
  • Relief Pain
  • Accelerate Tissue Healing
  • Reduce inflammation & Swelling, Soreness
  • Fatigue Resistance
  • Significantly improves psychological competitive edge
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy gives dramatically results Before & After workout or Sports event.
  • Contact Yugeva Cryo for Pre Workout, Post Workout & Recovery Protocols.

**Result may vary based on the individual.