About Us

Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Evlee Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., is a progressive conglomerate of health professional from India.

The young and vivacious company has been formed with a very clear focus to give innovative technological advancements to India and all over the world.

Across the globe, the healthcare sector is witnessing rapid changes. With the lines between medical therapeutic sectors and wellness approaches getting thinner and thinner, people are getting more and more aware of the need of leading a truly meaningful and healthy life.

Bringing in new technologies and fostering a new era of unconventional, yet highly effective and scientifically backed healthcare processes and practices to India, Evlee is all set to usher in a new regime of health and happiness to the classes and masses of the country and around the world.

Our Vision, Mission, Goal, Values


Initiating a new era of innovative, advanced   and the unique healthcare technologies and services across PAN India and expand globally.


To help people enrich their health & wellness. To offer innovative, advanced   and the unique healthcare technologies & services. To strive and connect maximum people with the cause to ensure collective growth for all.


Build a better tomorrow by doing the best today. Build the people, build the business.


Ethics, Quality and Trust are the core components on which company is firmly founded.